a stone in a river, 10

We turn over the family stories again & again, a reunion of witnesses to crimes we participated in, an Aha! to new data. Each others’ versions more archaeology than telephone game. A blood version of rock-flipping. The kinship of I never knew, of I never knew you knew.

/ / /

It is frustrating to write with my so-called smart phone. I will revise to include some italics. As well as the missing meat. Had a great time catching up with a favorite cousin. Wish this stone captured it better.

(Added the italics I wanted, post publish date.)

One thought on “a stone in a river, 10

  1. yes, there are some limits to smart phone (especially formatting; especially patience with the effort it takes to post — i’m so pleased you’re doing it!!). you’re capturing a lot with these stones.

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