We are Jill and Deb and Carolee. We want a new place to post our poems (besides our blogs) because we need some new energy in our work. Experience has shown us that riffing off one another in a collaborative space may be just what we need! So this is an experiment in co-blogging.

We’ll post our works-in-progress. We’ll offer each other leads on good ideas. We may use a pal’s poem to launch into our own. Who knows — we may even toss out a prompt from time to time (you may have heard that we like prompts).

The name came about one Sunday morning when one of us woke up with a hang-over, one of us woke up feeling like a loose cannon and one of us woke up feeling grumpy. Deb said, “Well, what a fine kettle of fish we are!”

And here we are. A fine kettle of fish.

We’ve each posted a few words on our own pages, too. Don’t call them artists’ statements. We can’t be responsible for that kind of forethought and malice.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Congratulations on a lovely new site and an exciting venture! Big Tent had a good run, but putting most of one’s energies into facilitating others’ creative work can defintiely be exhausting. I do feel that collaboration is something the blogosphere is tailor-made for — and as you know, Via Negativa has been evolving into a co-authored blog as well. I know some readers are disappointed with such changes, but I think we have a responsiblity to do all we can to stay fresh and avoid burnout, so from time to time these kinds of reinventions are unavoidable, I think.

    • Via Negativa’s collaborative energy was (is) a major influence, Dave. 🙂 We are keen on what you guys have been doing (as evidenced there & elsewhere in the blogosphere) & desire re-invigoration, inspiration for our own work.

      Thanks for the attagals.

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