I’m okay with being alone most of the time. I am an only child after all. In fact, I need (crave, desire, demand) a lot of alone time.

BUT. I have been lonely recently, creatively. I’ve missed being in a writing studio, a collaborative.

So here I am. Playing with my pals because it’s fun, and I hope it is productive. I have high hopes that this new creative space shakes my creative-writer brain & pours some new stuff out on the page, virtually & real-ly.

This is about creating a practice space for me, with my pals. Expect some sour notes, miscues and pratfalls. Because that is all part of creating.

2 thoughts on “Deb

  1. Hello Deb, took me by surprise, the packing up of big tent. Hmmm..That first poem tossed is such a great starter, we’re kind of salivating. Here I am, munching Korean strawberries and wondering why they’re always reliably sweet. Will pop in with comment again, in between munchies, I mean, if I have anything brilliant to say. As you can tell, I’m a bit brain dead after work right now.

    • Yeah. It was hard to do. And we didn’t want to spring it like that, but … it’s hard to figure out a better way. Please do come by with your wonderfulness in whatever state you find yourself in! I am now intrigued by Korean strawberries & wonder how they compare to Oregon one. :-0

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