June poetry gong: Carolee’s #2


as though she has nowhere to go
(which is different from having nowhere she has to be)
as though no one waits for her at the bar (at any bar)
as though desire is an afterthought (it’s not about you)
as though no babies will miss her while she’s gone
as though she may be gone long as she likes
as though she bumped her head
as though amnesia
as though kissing everyone she sees (right on the lips)
as though air is her only dance partner (& ours)
as though trying too hard just isn’t done
as though flower is now (& next)
as though you & me as much time
as we want


I realized when I got to the kissing line that I could make wings out of this if I wanted to. And why not? It’s a gong. Being silly is encouraged. I like some lines better than others. And some transitions simply seem to be missing. But I’m pleased to squeeze in a draft between work and a lacrosse game. Off to the fields now!