No fish poems yet!? In the meantime …

Here’s some visual inspiration (a small selection of photos from my most recent trip to Portland)!

Poetry gong: June 1, 2 & 3 (and 4th if you need it)

We’re going to write (at least) three poems between June 1 and June 4. It was initially going to be a 3-day poetry gong (which is an extended, daily practice “poetry” style), but schedules (work, travel, appointments, etc.) are such that we want one extra day for wiggle room. So over the next few days, Deb, Jill (who hasn’t officially signed on for the gong yet, but we’re hopeful we can coerce her) and I will be posting poems for the gong here at the Kettle.

Here’s our topic/focus: bugs or insects. Here’s how that came to me: Just now, I was thinking of June. And that lead to “June bugs.” And then I remembered I have a bug bite (mosquito) on my ankle. And then I remembered how itchy it was. And then I told myself not to scratch it. And it made me frustrated with bugs. But then I remembered how much I like butterflies. So, bugs/insects it is. I know. It’s a little weird. I am confident we can work with it.

Some of you expressed interest in writing along with us on your own blogs, and of course, we’d love it! Feel free to let us know here or in any of the gong-related posts that you’re writing with us. You can even leave a link to your draft if you want with the understanding that people may or may not come by to read (since that isn’t our focus anymore). If people tromp around and read — great! If not, it will be enough to celebrate our “solidarity” in the challenge. Sound good? OK!

An idea from Deb’s poem

I am back from a weekend trip, and I love what Deb has done as a tribute to Big Tent. I want to write from it, without borrowing the same lines she borrowed. I was thinking I would take two words from each line and use as many of the pairs as I could in a new poem. Deb & Jill, I figured I’d post the list in case it inspires you, too! I am not sure I’ll get to write tonight (I am short on sleep), but I will get started soon!

midnight surprise
wake-up mirror
scarves discover
clearing inside
these imperfect
want warehouse
anxiety torn
about difficulty
squeezing blue
dust wings
come singing
clay happenstance
keep simply
walk without
accepts cup
no shell
there’s infinity
miracles fields
at ordinary
crawling then
river dreams
turquoise morning
yes fog