deeper down

Like many of you, I receive daily emails with poems in them from places like The Writer’s Almanac and The Academy of American Poets. I’ve been so detached from myself that not only have I not been writing, I haven’t even been interested in reading poetry much. In fact, I’ve been deleting every single one of these poems when they show up in my in-box.

One part of my writing practice used to be to read a poem and let it inspire a draft as a quick exercise. Today, I looked at the Poem-A-Day. It was Robert Frost’s “For Once, Then, Something.” I’m not a Frost fan, but it caught my eye. The word “something.” I’d used it as a heading for yesterday’s post. So I read and found a pair of lines I thought I could use to launch “something else.” Here are Frost’s lines:

Deeper down in the well than where the water
Gives me back in a shining surface picture

And here’s an attempt at “something else” (#day2ofprojectgetovermyselfandwrite):

appointments with landlords*

there she is. a face where
she never expected. reflection
in vacant downtown apartments’
bathroom mirrors. dozens. voices behind
tell what’s included with each
woman’s second attempt:
“tub & shower. ceramic tile.
heat & hot water.” disappointment
mostly in dingy properties
strange men offer up. there
she is. longing for something more
again. and already.

*working title


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