Well, look what we have here!

What? It’s not clear to you, either? Phew! We thought it was just us.

Here’s what we know: We want to post our works-in-progress to this co-authored blog — A Fine Kettle of Fish — to see if it is easier for us to support and inspire each other. That’s all.

Well, not quite all. We are also very grateful to you for coming over here to find us. Thank you for keeping up with our adventures!

P.S. We’re going to be adding a blogroll — “Those who indulge us” — in the sidebar above “Author blogs.” Let us know when you comment if you’d like to be added.


23 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I’m jealous and thrilled for the three of you. Thank you for allowing the rest of us to follow along. I would love to be part of a blogroll when you start one. Not about to lose you Carolee!

    • Hi, Margo! It is thrilling. 🙂

      I just added you to the blogroll. Thanks for coming by to greet us.

      This goes for everyone — as we list your blogs, let us know if you’d like us to amend the titles at all …

  2. Carolee, I’d love to be included in the blogroll. Though, I’m sad about BTP, I’m quite happy for you girls. Looking forward to the writing from all of you.


    • Hi, Donna! We have just added you to the blogroll, as well. Of course we desire!! We may, in fact, be a group of chicks led by desire but I guess that’ll have to unfold in the poems. 😉 well, our narrators will unfold it, of course.

  3. Welcome indeed! Appreciation for all that has been, but better appreciation now awaits and will come and perch upon these limbs as time and my fingers allow.
    I take good measure that the best place to begin a poem (or anything?) is I don’t know. So all you say sounds about right!
    I understand your desire for this change, maybe even more than many might and only welcome this next new enterprise for the three of you. (Actually I’m a little f**king jealous to be honest!)
    A big three huzzahs for you!

    PS. I’ll be changing my links to point over here for you. And would only be honored to be added to your blog roll as well. I’ll be more close than far. 🙂

  4. Congratulations on your new blog. Big Tent Poetry was obviously a labor of love as well as a meeting place for ” poetry lovers.” I enjoyed the prompts, the diversity of poems, and the level of discourse. I’d be pleased to be added to the author blogroll.


    • Thank you, Linda!! It was a labor of love, and is often the case, if we’re honest, we know when it’s time to let those things go. We’ve added you to the blogroll here and hope you’ll join us in our discussions!!

    • Thank you for stopping by. As Deb said, we’ll be sending out notices on FB when we post. Most of the time. 🙂 We’ve added you to the blogroll, but let us know if that’s not OK!!

  5. hi, annell! we’ll add you to the sidebar. if we do something here that inspires you, of course you can write on your own. we’re just not going to have a community mechanism here for sharing links & visiting one another’s sites. the blogroll will represent the people who are interested in seeing what unfolds here.

    thanks for coming by!!

  6. I discovered Read Write Poem during the last week of April 2010 during my first poem-a-day challenge. While I was sad at its passing, I was delighted to discover Big Tent Poetry. I have not been terribly active there over the past year, but had some fun juggling and lion-taming again last month. I am excited to follow you three here and see what you come up with. I would be honored to be included on your blogroll.



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